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Why Traveling to New Mexico can Make the Difference in Business.

What can New Mexico do for Your Business?

Have you ever had a problem that no matter how hard you worked at it, and no matter how much you sweated it out, you just couldn't solve it? Then, you walked away for a moment to clear your mind and poof, all of the answers flowed out like water?  Going to New Mexico had the same effect on me. It refreshed my thoughts, and helped me see great business ideas.
Take the time to step away from your job and reflect on how you are doing. While we all know this life lesson, sometimes we forget to do the simple things. For Idea Engine, our story begins with EO.

What is EO?

Both Chris Peer and I, partners of Idea Engine, belong to a great organization called EO (Entrepreneurial Organization).  Chris belongs to the Columbus chapter and I belong to the Cleveland chapter.  This organization has allowed both Chris and I the ability to think about how we run Idea Engine and how to make it better for it's employees, customers, and the overall experience of the business as a whole.

Forum, the Extended Board of Directors

EO offers members a forum to participate on, which provides members like Chris and I the ability to work with roughly 12 other business owners. To us, this is like an extended board of directors. Allowing these 12 other business owners to see the underbelly of Idea Engine has great benefits that allow Chris and I to see all sides of the business, not just a view from the inside.  This has allowed us tremendous growth.

Business Retreat

Once a year it's required that each member go on a business retreat with their forum members. This past weekend it was my turn to go on a retreat with my forum members.  Here are some photos of that event to New Mexico.

EO Retreat to New Mexico. Prode Forum, Cleveland Ohio
Cleveland EO Chapter - Business Owners, left to right Matt Savage (Vasco), Steve Carp (Carp Cosmetics), Jim Lineweaver (Lineweaver Financial), Joe Vocare(Vizion Solutions). Not shown Dan Carbone (IdeaEngine Inc.) and Paul Chaffee (Software Answers).

The Trip to New Mexico

The retreat took place in a very remote area of New Mexico. The idea was to horseback ride in the desert, camp out with scorpions, bears, coyotes, rattle snakes and mountain lions.  Not to mention dust storms to add to the mix.  Imagine six business owners and think of the movie City Slickers to get a really good idea of how this adventurous weekend unfolded. 

Steve Carp and Jim Lineweaver eat some breakfast at EO Outing

Dr. Steve Carp and Jim Lineweaver feast on some good ranch food


Why would we do this? Simple, to bond and gain trust from one another.  It's not always what happens in the office, it's also learning to balance your personal and professional life so that you can be the best well rounded person you can be.  This is very beneficial for you personally, as well as your family, co-workers and customers. In a place like the outskirts of New Mexico, it's hard not to be with anything but your thoughts. It allows you time to reflect on things like your business, family and friends.  When I came back, I couldn't help but love my family just a little bit harder and feel energized about my business more than I have had in the past.

So What's the Lesson?

Remember to take care of yourself first.  By doing this you can achieve greatness with your family, your career, and your personal life.  For me, being with these like minded business men showed me more about how to run a business, how to treat my employees, and how to balance this by loving my family just a little bit harder.  Maybe you don't need to go to New Mexico to achieve this, but remember that simple life lesson: sometimes it just takes a little time to step back and reflect for those life answers to start flowing again.

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