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Facebook Application Development

Before I start telling you about how SyncShow Interactive builds Facebook Applications, I had better explain what a Facebook Application is.  Avid Facebook users feel free to skip this paragraph. A Facebook application could be anything from Mafia Wars, Farmville, YouTube or an application that extends the reach of your business to Facebook users. SyncShow Interactive builds Facebook applications that help extend your business into the Facebook community.
If you have that next great idea for a Facebook application or you want to break into that market, give us a second look to help you do this.

Cost Savings Facebook Application Development

If you think about a Facebook application one of the biggest features of the system is the ability for you to manage Facebook users and leads. This can be accomplished by using SyncShow CMS as the back-end of your application. With SyncShow CMS you already have everything you need to manage your Facebook users with SyncShow's already built user management system. Everything from user analytics, management and communications with your users is already built. Now all we need to do is focus on the front end of your application from a development perspective. Your application is half way there and we haven't even started yet.

Managing Facebook Users and Bringing Home Leads

SyncShow Content Management System Members Management Screen

SyncShow Interactive websites that are powered by SyncShow CMS instantaneously get the luxury of user rights management and the ability to snap on modules like client file share, client logins, ecommerce, Facebook and mobile app client management. You can define member types and how a member can access the system and what areas of the site they can see, access, file upload, communicate and more.

Managing My Website, Phone Application and Facebook application all from one Location

It's a pretty simple concept when using a system like SyncShow CMS. But before I get there let's get a little geeky and talk about a technology stack. I think that it's pretty common knowledge that a website displays data, receives data and processes data on the back-end. Usually you need a system like SyncShow CMS to do this. So let's focus on Display, Receiving and Processing data. Some refer this to a MVC, model view and controller. Look at the diagram below to get an idea of what this is.

Join Us as We Celebrate today's launch of's Facebook App

Today SyncShow Interactive launches it's latest Facebook Application, ScoreFeeder to accompany the website. started out as a news website that allowed coaches to submit high school sports scores to the media with ease using the online tools. Now you can enjoy those score feeds in real time on Facebook. Join your friends in the bleachers within the Facebook application and root on your favorite High School sports. If your high school does not have a feed simply pass off to the coach of that team and tell them it's free and easy to manage sport scores and submit once to all their newspapers and media outlets without having to make multiple phone calls.

Visit the new App at:

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