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Scorefeeder - Custom Web Application Launch

SyncShow Interactive, was lucky to have met a visionary this past summer, Dave Petno. Dave recognized SyncShow Interactive as a vital custom web development partner in reaching a dream of his, ScoreFeeder adds a counterpart to social networking by providing an interactive tool focused on a particular audience and particular interest. Both a tool and a website, ScoreFeederis a custom web development project SyncShow Interactive is particularly proud of because it demonstrates how we are able to custom develop far beyond a typical website. is really an online web application, one that we are proud to share with you.

I am happy to raise the curtains to this very top secret project and reveal the fruits of our labor. solves one simple yet annoying problem all across the nation, reporting high school scores to the media. It's simple, it's focused and it happens hundreds of thousands of time every single evening in America. If you ever had to keep track of a roster and stats for both teams in a sporting event and then had to get on the phone each evening and call the newspapers about the score, you can kiss those days goodbye. Today you can set up a free account online at and keep track of both you and your opponents' scores and submit the final results straight to the media with one simple click. remembers your teams and their rosters each time you log in, so double entry is a thing of the past. Just simply log in after each game, post your stats, and click submit. The rest is taken care of by the website.

Today our web development of the project continues. We are currently developing each sport as we go while Dave is busy searching for investors. Basketball just went live and additional sports are on their way with very aggressive time lines for completion. Dave and SyncShow Interactive are in the process of drafting a ScoreFeeder Facebook application so that everyone can easily add their favorite high school teams to their Facebook accounts and receive real time updates as coaches submit their final scores to the newspapers.
It's an exciting time for SyncShow Interactive and Dave Petno to be able to team up together and build something so unique and original that fits in with today's paradigm shifts. Facebook, tablets, smart phones, and life going by at the speed of light. We introduce to you... 

The unique end result of our efforts is expected to be fully patentable, with the patent process underway.

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