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Why Your Own eCommerce Website is Better Than Selling on Etsy

4 Reasons Why Your Own eCommerce Website is Better Than Selling on Etsy

Selling on Etsy seems to be all the rage now, but is it really the right choice for your business? While a great platform for some, here are four reasons why eCommerce development is better than selling on Etsy for your business.


When it comes to design, your Etsy account will be a pretemplated choice. You will look like every other vendor out there with the only distinguishing factors being the wording of your product descriptions and the quality of your photography. Creating your own eCommerce website gives you greater design control. You will be able to properly distinguish your brand and represent your company as an individual. In addition, you will possess greater control over your SEO rankings and marketing choices.

Brand Image

Creating your own eCommerce website allows your business to be taken more seriously. While Etsy is a great outlet to drive traffic to your products, it lacks the polish and professionalism of a serious endeavor. By defining your brand image, you are sending the world a message that you are willing to put in the extra effort for the customer experience. Ecommerce sites let you customize your customer experience. Remember that this only applies to well-designed websites, as a poorly designed site that isn't usable will be very damaging to your brand.


While Etsy may drive traffic to your items, it can also drive traffic away. The site is filled with distractions of everyone else's product. You will find yourself competing for customers' attention instead of engaging those customers with creative content and opportunities. Don't fall victim to the idea that the extra traffic you may earn from Etsy directly relates to conversions. Many users treat Etsy similar to Pinterest - they are just browsing looking for ideas and things that they like. The Etsy platform allows users to browse hundreds of thousands of products via various search functions and it's easy to get lost in the mix! Why not create your own site that is 100% devoted to YOU?


While startup costs for an eCommerce site can be daunting at first, overall costs are actually lower and easy to maintain. Etsy requires a fee to list and also takes a fee from your product sales. Ecommerce sites require a hosting fee but you can list as many products as you want at no additional cost. Additionally, PayPal and other eCommerce payment tools usually cost less (around 2.9% of the sale) than Etsy's commission of 3.5%. If you work with a qualified web design and marketing consultant, you will have minimal upkeep costs after the initial build, and have the potential to generate much more direct traffic and conversions.

Overall, you will have success with your eCommerce website if you keep these ideas in mind. If you still have questions, consult professionals who can help you understand all the details involved. Learn how to incorporate social media, drive traffic to your site, and what the best site practices are. Create a custom strategy that will put your website to work for you.



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