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Building a Personal Brand (For You & Your Company)

With over a decade in the transportation industry, Trey Griggs has found that many business leaders ignore a huge part of building a business’s brand: their personal brand. Some of the largest brands in the world like Microsoft and Apple have names and faces people automatically associate with them (i.e. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, respectively).

On this episode of Transportation Insights, Nadine sits down with Trey Griggs, founder of BETA Consulting, to discuss building a business’s brand, including:

  • The importance of having a name and a face to your business, no matter the industry.
  • How marketing and brand investment pay off during economic downturns.
  • How you’ll know when your branding is starting to work.

Watch the newest episode of Transportation Insights above!

To learn more about Trey Griggs, check out his LinkedIn. If you would like to purchase anything from the BETA Consulting store, use promo code “BETAgo”.

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