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How Refining Your Brand Helps Scale Your Transportation Business

With over 30 years in the industry, logistics has left its mark on Dave Sosnowski. Some refer to these marks as scars, but Dave would rather refer to them as “teachable moments,” emphasizing the need for constant learning in an industry where you never know everything.


On this episode of Transportation Insights, Dave joins Nadine to discuss the lessons he’s learned at STG Logistics, where he currently serves as the chief sales officer.



Since 2017, STG Logistics has grown at a rapid pace by acquiring many well-known transportation companies. This put the company in a unique position, allowing it to offer a wide range of transportation services to fit the diverse needs of its clients. However, the challenge was that many only knew STG by its subsidiaries' names, which made it difficult for STG’s brand and unique value to shine. 


In the interview, Dave talks about how STG overcame that challenge by consistently communicating STG Logistics' value proposition, not only externally through its website and salespeople, but also within STG itself.


To learn more about Dave Sosnowski, check out his LinkedIn. Learn more about STG Logistics by visiting its LinkedIn page.


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