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How to Design a Message that Resonates with Your Audience

Is your target audience following and engaging with your brand on social media, opening and clicking through your email newsletters, visiting your website frequently, and transforming from a prospect to a customer along the way? Why take the time, effort, and money to create messages that do not resonate with your audience? Developing the right content, whether it be in the form of social media messages, email newsletters, or blog articles, is a key aspect in gaining potential customers and retaining the attention of your current customers. Learn a few tips and tricks that will help you design the perfect message for each and every one of your target audiences.

1. Determine Your Audience

You may have heard of the term persona, especially when it comes to marketing. According to Hubspot, a buyer persona is “a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers.” Until you determine primary and/or secondary buyer personas that you would ideally like to attract, your brand messages will be published all over the place and directed toward the wrong people. Instead, marketers should strategically place content toward specific buyer personas, directly into their hands. Making customers search for information gives them the opportunity to find one of your competitors on the web. Targeting your customers with precision will develop increased ROI for your business.

2. Choose Correct Content Types

After determining your target buyer persona(s), you can begin to understand the type of person that buys your products or services. Are they a visual learner or do they prefer text and numbers? Does their level or reading preference reflect average or high intellect writing quality? These questions will help with content creation decisions. Typically visual learners prefer diagrams, infographics, short blogs with images, videos, and flowcharts. On the other end of the spectrum, your persona may desire to read informational content in the form of case studies, whitepapers, longer articles, or data-driven research. With the correct content, specific to your persona, you will continue down the road to success.

3. Brand Name & Image that Stick

Brand name, logo, and image may seem like a small aspect of your company’s monetary growth but in reality, it is extremely important. Your logo represents your company’s image to the world. Your logo shows up on your social media icons, website, and marketing material. You’re doing something right if potential customers see your logo and can automatically recall what your brand’s name is. The next step, would be for your potential customers to recall your tagline from memory. Maybe they heard it in a television commercial or saw it in an Instagram post. These steps are just a start to developing your brand. This way, potential customers searching the web for a solution to a problem they are facing will automatically remember your brand and wonder if your products or services can help them. The more brand awareness you gain, the greater your ROI, and more successful your business becomes.

4. Quality Over Quantity

The messages that you deliver to your audience need to be of high quality before you worry about the number that you deliver. For example, 1 blog post of quality a week is better than 3 extremely poor quality posts. In the same way, 3 high quality posts on LinkedIn per week that drive traffic to your site and increase ROI much exceed 5 posts a week that deteriorate business because they are not up to standard.

If you want your messages to stick with your customers and ultimately increase your overall profit, you need to determine your audience, choose the right content, create a positive representation of your company by improving brand awareness, and remember that quality’s importance surpasses that of quantity.

How are you currently designing messages to reach your target audience and what do you think of the suggestions above? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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