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Manufacturing Marketing: In House vs. Outsourced Content Creation

You know the benefits of content marketing and you’re ready to implement it at your manufacturing company. But, you don’t have a dedicated Content Marketing team in place. So, how are you going to create the content? You have two options:

  1. Use internal resources to create content (Insourcing)
  2. Hire an outside content creator (Outsourcing)

There are pros and cons to both options. Use the chart below to decide which aspects of content creation are most important to your company. Once you know this, the decision to insource or outsource your content creation will come easy.




Content Quality Average. Content writing may not be everyone on your team's strong suit. But, even if not everyone is a "writer," the knowledge your employees have should be taken advantage of when it comes to content creation. A few solid bullet points are much stronger than a lengthy article with not much depth. Above Average. When you hire an outsourced writer to create your content, the content quality should be great. After all, that's what you're paying them to do.
Turnaround Time Below Average - Average. Your team is busy and content creation may not be the #1 priority if you don't have a team specifically in place for this purpose. Because of this, content deadlines may be missed if other, more important tasks arise.  Above Average. When you're working with an outsourced writer, they should be hitting the deadlines you give them.
Topic Expertise Above Average. No one knows your industry and company as well as your internal team. You’re the ones that are living and breathing it everyday. Therefore, the content quality will be much better than if you outsource it.  Below Average. An outsourced writer doesn't know the manufacturing industry as well as you and your team do. While they may be able to learn the basics, they'll never know it as well as someone who's been at the company for many years. Plus, creating content about a topic someone isn’t familiar with is very apparent in the writing.
Time & Effort Required Below Average. Because of the topic expertise your team has, the time and effort required to create content will be minimal. The challenge with most manufacturers is carving out the time to create content. When your team actually sits down to do it, it can be done quickly.  Above Average. An outsourced writer will need more time to research your industry before they create content for you. With each new piece of content will come more research, increasing the amount of time and effort required on their part. 

To sum it up, with insourced content creation, you’ll get quality content from topic experts with minimal time and effort required. With outsourced content creation, you’ll get average content from non-experts on time. What’s the most important aspect of content creation to you? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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