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Ten Ideas To Clear Your Blogging Writers Block

If you’re like many of our clients, you are completely on board with how important it is to keep your content fresh and relevant, so you’re blogging on a regular basis to increase your online clout. (If not… let’s talk!). But, regardless of how fantastic a writer you are, or how often you do it, you’re bound to get that dreaded writers block at some point. You know the feeling… the blank white page stares back at you… offering little but an impatient stare in return. Here’s 10 ways to get past it – and quickly – so you can get your post done and move on to bigger things:

1. Recount your week

Think back over the experiences you’ve had over the past week – meetings, presentations, conference calls, events, etc. I guarantee there’s at least one nugget of interesting content you heard or discussed. Take that one interesting piece and explain it to your audience.

2. Multi-task this week

If by some chance there really is nothing in the last week that you think you can write on, go into your experiences this week (see list above) with a second agenda – listening for a great blog topic! I’ve sat in many a meeting and come away with a list of great potential blog topics.

3. Read your company’s blog

Chances are you’re not the only person at your company blogging – so check out the other posts from your team. Many times a post will spark a new idea for you, or offer you an opportunity to elaborate on their topic, also giving their post a little extra attention (which is a little extra added bonus for the team).

4. Get physical

Getting your blood pumping helps you think more clearly – so do whatever it is that you enjoy, even if it’s just a few quick spins around the office. Your ideas will flow easier and you’ll feel more relaxed when you sit back down to write.

5. Take a break

Maybe you can’t ‘get physical’ right now for some reason… you’re on a plane or something. If that’s the case, give your self a break and go do something else – anything else. Then, come back to your blog post later.

6. Make a list

Don’t approach the post as if you need to write two beautiful pages of prose. Consider a numbered list, or a set of bullets. Simplifying the format like this may be all you really need to start getting some thoughts down on paper.

7. Ask your customers

If you’re in a role like I am where you talk with your customers on a daily basis, you hear their questions first hand. The questions they ask you are perfect topics for a blog article. If you don’t have firsthand client exposure, go talk to your customer service team, or even your sales team. I guarantee five minutes will net you a lengthy list of topics ripe for your explanation.

8. Watch/read/listen to the news

However you choose to digest it - get up to speed on the latest stories and play to any connections you have. Getting in on a big story at the right time can reap big time rewards. 

9. Talk to your wall

You may not literally want to do this for fear of getting some funny looks from your office mates. But, really, pretend like you’re talking to someone – a potential customer ideally – and explaining how you approach your business, the process, their work, etc. Though this seems like second nature to you, it’s content your prospective buyers are interested in – so talk through it first as though you’re saying it to them, and then start typing.

10. Re-read your past posts

After all, you thought they were good then :). Go back and read them. Reading through your past thought processes can often spark related ideas in your mind.

Once you get going remember a couple of key things too: 1 - you are writing a blog post, not an epic novel, and 2 – this should be one of the most fun parts of your job! It’s an outlet to demonstrate your expertise in your field. So enjoy it – and happy writing!


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