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Why The Customer Is Always Right

When I worked at McDonald’s, I was told that the “customer is always right.” When attempting to reach a large base of consumers, this phrase is crucial in everything you do for your manufacturing company. Since a marketer attempts to reach and penetrate this base of consumers, it is essential to know the connection between yourself and the consumer as well as know what these specific consumers are looking for.

Whether you are marketing a brand, a product, or service- you must keep the WHO in mind. With that being said, the brand voice and how this is communicated and built is vital in order to reach this base of consumers.

The best way to explain why the customer is fundamental to your marketing success is to explain the difference between media consumers and media marketers.

Media Consumer

Media Marketer

  • Wants information and wants it right now.
  • Wants to provide relevant information to its consumer as quickly and as efficiently as possible.
  • Uses social media platforms as a way to research buying decisions, as well as support or oppose brands or products. This is their outlet.
  • Uses social media platforms as a way to keep in touch with consumers and create UGC (User Generated Content).
  • Follows/likes/shares their favorite brands or companies and wants to have a conversation.
  • Creates content that is of importance to the consumer in order to listen, create dialogue, and engage them.
  • Uses personal social media accounts in order to display their values, beliefs, and interests.
  • Places an emphasis on social media marketing in order to reach a large base of consumers- both current and prospective.
  • Wants simple, easy to read information based on what platform (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) they are on.
  • With marketers using multiple platforms, they must tweak the content depending on which one they are using and what they are writing about.
  • Is looking for an answer or solution to his/her problem(s).
  • Provides a solution through content marketing. Content marketing is “the strategy of creating and publishing high-quality content assets to support and enhance marketing activities, build audiences and develop consumer trust.” This content should (ideally) answer the consumer's questions and give a solution.

Now that you know the difference between the media consumer and the media marketer, check out this video that explores how the traditional advertiser and today’s consumer are not as connected as the media marketer and consumer are. This video also explains why a connection is essential to a manufacturer's marketing success.

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Megan Ramey was a digital marketing Intern at SyncShow in December 2014 and January 2015 as well as Summer 2015. She is a double major in Strategic Communications and Political Science at Miami University. She is a lover of corny jokes, online shopping, and spending time with her family. In her spare time she enjoys wondering what politicians are doing and supporting anything Cleveland-esque.

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