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Transportation Marketing Tips From Experts Navigating a Season of Disruption

Transportation companies have unique industry challenges, and marketing within this industry has specific nuances that can dictate success or failure, especially as of late. Disruption in the industry is forcing sales, marketing and service teams to rethink how they’re going to market and supporting the current needs of prospects and customers. 

Our deep knowledge of the transportation industry puts us in the unique position to quickly and effectively craft custom solutions that yield real results. Here are a few tips from our team of transportation marketing experts to keep in mind during this unique time.

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Parcel shipping is now a technology game with over 90% of all orders being completed entirely digitally, and headlines in transportation are commonly including digital forward terms like “automation,” “API” and “technology."

Yet less than a third of transportation companies are tying together marketing automation to their CRMs. Get started with identifying opportunities to ease your sales and marketing process and improve customer acquisition and close rates. Common opportunities include: 

  • Automated lead scoring and qualification
  • Drip email campaigns
  • ROI measurements

More advanced customers can consider website personalization or revenue-generation's big buzzword of 2019 and 2020: account-based marketing.

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Although 50% of warehouses report running above capacity currently, it won't stay this way.

Focusing on top-of-the-funnel activities showcasing your unique value proposition will ensure that you're staying ahead of the curve. This will allow you to create a large pool of customers to nurture when capacity opens up and the supply chain levels out.

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While this past year and a half has been difficult for the transportation industry, having an established digital marketing strategy remains essential to transportation and logistics businesses.

We’ve seen companies have to pivot but still keep their strategic goals in mind. In spite of the recent struggles, understanding your customer personas, the buyer’s journey, your sales process, and marketing goals is vital and will only set you up for future success.

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Most often in business, it's advised to stay away from using industry jargon when engaging with potential new customers. However, when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), there's a valuable exception to this rule.

While some prospective customers are likely unfamiliar with these terms, many are very familiar with them and use them to find information when searching online. In fact, we can find out from Google just how many people are searching for specific jargon keywords every month.  

If you're not strategically using these terms in your content, it's possible there's a large slice of your target market that you're not attracting organically. Keep this in mind when creating new content. Small changes like this have the potential to open new revenue opportunities for your business.

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Supply chain managers are starting to value flexibility over standardization. The more you can provide personalized experiences and many service level choices the better. This will help differentiate your brand and increase brand loyalty.

In other words, increasing productivity and reducing costs are becoming less important, while improving your overall customer experience is becoming more important, as today’s customers are increasingly demanding flexibility and exclusivity.

Reach Your Revenue Potential

The transportation and logistics industry is currently in a state of rapid change, and a lot of that change has to do with how customers are buying. That’s why it’s more important than ever to focus on your company’s digital assets.

At SyncShow Transportation Marketing, we partner with our transportation clients, helping them transcend the status quo. We approach transportation marketing from the top-down, lending the type of high-level expertise and consulting other agencies promise, but too often fail to deliver. 

We believe that your marketing program as a whole should be delivering ROI, not just pieces of it. That's why our team starts with the strategy rather than focusing on individual campaign tactics. We follow and recommend best practices to ensure your program is executing the right tactics that ultimately meet or exceed your goals.

Since 2002, we have guided transportation and logistics companies to success, providing them the resources, strategies and services they need for growth. As a leading sales and marketing consulting agency, we have the certifications, skills, partnerships and industry expertise necessary to deliver results. Let us help you reach your revenue potential!

Are you a transportation marketing expert? We would love to hear your story. Reach out to us today to get profiled!


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