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How U.S. Manufacturers & Suppliers Are Embracing Inbound Marketing

All across the U.S., manufacturers and suppliers of all sizes are putting an increased amount of time and effort into their digital presence. With an ever-evolving manufacturing landscape and increased pressure from overseas competition, the choice to go digital isn’t much of a choice at all.

Customers are looking for quick answers from businesses they can trust, and they’re looking for them online. In response, manufacturing companies are using digital marketing and inbound marketing methodologies to achieve their business goals. Let’s look at a few examples.

XR Geomembranes – Highly Educational Inbound Marketing

XR Geomembranes by Seaman Corporation is a manufacturer of geomembrane liners for the toughest applications and environments. Appealing to engineers, wastewater plant owners and estimating managers, XR Geomembranes has turned to inbound marketing to stand apart from the competition and position itself as the leader in the geomembrane liner space.

To effectively do this, XR Geomembranes built an inbound marketing program focused around educational content. By doing so, the company has established itself as the geomembrane authority.

The company's blogging strategy is one element of its educational inbound marketing program. It consists of two blog posts per month that clearly answer the common questions prospective and current customers have about geomembranes.

Image of an XR Geomembranes Blog Post

As a result, the XR Geomembrane blog is driving nearly 20% of total traffic and continually driving inbound leads for the company's sales team.

Learn how manufacturers can build effective inbound marketing strategies.

TPC Wire & Cable – Social Media Marketing

TPC Wire & Cable is a leading industrial distributor and supplier of rugged, high-performance wire and cable products based in Cleveland, Ohio. TPC is focused on targeting design engineers, procurement managers and MRO managers at large manufacturing plants.

TPC’s social media strategy promotes the company as a leader in its space. With over 4,200 LinkedIn followers, TPC uses social media to promote not only website content and business offerings, but also company culture.

Image of a TPC Culture Social Post

In doing so, TPC manages to acquire thousands of website visitors a year from organic social media initiatives.

To capitalize on its social media success, TPC also engages in sponsored LinkedIn content. Targeting an audience based on job titles and company industries, TPC is able to get relevant and valuable content in front of the company's target audience on a platform it knows works.

Image of a TPC Sponsored Social Post

SlewPro – Inbound Marketing for Lead Generation

SlewPro is a manufacturer of slewing rings, drives and gears based out of Cleveland, Ohio, that has found success in inbound marketing for lead generation. By providing a number of valuable whitepapers and case studies, SlewPro allows prospective customers to read insightful information while collecting user contact information for continued nurturing.

Image of a SlewPro Landing Page

Using informative and straightforward landing pages that tease the information they’re going to receive in the downloadable piece, SlewPro has dramatically increased its lead generation efforts, providing sales representatives with a constant influx of prospective leads.

If you’re a U.S.-based manufacturer or supplier, it might be time to take a look at your inbound marketing efforts. While creating a comprehensive inbound marketing program can be intimidating, it doesn’t have to be. Leveraging the experience and expertise of an inbound marketing partner can help relieve the stress and position your company ahead of the competition. Let’s talk.

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