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Hickory Harvest Foods Has Been Satisfying Northeast Ohio Snackers for 3 Generations

The next featured company in the We Manufacture CLE series, Hickory Harvest Foods, Inc., has been manufacturing their signature brand of nuts, trail mixes, snacks and confections since 1972.

Background Information

Hickory Harvest Foods, Inc. offers a large selection of healthy and salty snacks like nuts, trail mixes and chocolate covered pretzels, just to name a few. Their I.M. Good Snacks brand of confections can be found at grocery and convenience stores, hospitals, and universities throughout Northeast Ohio and across the country. They also private label for grocery stores/mass retail, convenience/travel stores, distributors, food manufacturers, gift companies and fundraising organizations.


The video below showcases Hickory Harvest Food's story and talks their Northeast Ohio ties.



Hickory Harvest Foods, Inc. sells their products throughout Northeast Ohio, with a strong passion for their products, employees, and provided packaging. They make a difference in the region. Hickory Harvest Foods, Inc. Manufactures CLE.

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