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8 Ways Manufacturers Use Social Media to Increase ROI

Many people don’t realize that manufacturing affects everyone, every single day. And to make things even better, manufacturing companies reach those affected people every day through social media. Creating conversations, delivering knowledge, and allowing people to find their company’s product in new, easy ways. Here are 8 ways that manufacturers use social media:

1. Create new and interesting content

Manufacturers are constantly inventing new content to share with other manufacturers and executives reading them. Creating content allows the right people’s attention to be grabbed and shows those people what they are looking for in an easy and straightforward manner. It also allows manufacturing companies and executives to keep up with manufacturing trends, which is crucial to staying relevant.

2. Share other manufacturers’ similar content

An easy way to show your followers on social media that you are “in the know” is by sharing other interesting content. This will help to illustrate that your business is an expert in the field. Another great thing about sharing other manufacturers’ similar content is that in the future this business may share your own article or blog, allowing for even more people to see your content.

3. Post in LinkedIn groups and Google+ communities

By posting in LinkedIn groups and Google+ communities, you are targeting and aiming your content as a certain group of people. These people are already interested in this information, which allows for a higher chance of them sharing it. In turn, allowing for your manufacturing content to reach more people.

4. Drive visitors to their website

Manufacturers drive visitors to their website from social media in order to get them to try or buy their product / service. Social media and a manufacturer’s website work in rhythm with one another because they both need to be connected. Your website should be easily accessed by social media with links in the bios and in the about sections. Your website should have social media connections where people can easily see them and click right away.

5. Show off product and events manufacturers are going to in real time

Not only does this give a realistic effect to followers, it also allows people to become engaged. Engagement is key to any social media and creating a conversation among manufacturing professionals, customers, and potential customers. If you are at a trade show, post a picture of your booth with the address so followers can either follow in real time or swing by to see what the trade show is about. If you see a product out while shopping, take a quick picture and post it. If you are showing you are enthused about your product, then others will follow suit.

6. Manufacturers aren’t afraid of videos

Many people are afraid of videos because it takes time and effort. But the neat thing about manufacturing is that it is a gritty and physical line of work. Manufacturing companies can post videos of what is going on in their plant, how to use their product, and other processes. This line of social media allows for people to watch what manufacturers do without even stepping out of their home, creating another connection and conversations between the manufacturer and customer.

7. Address problems if there is concern from their customers or potential customers

If there is an issue, make sure it is addressed and not ignored. If a customer is publicly saying something on their social media pages, that means other customers or potential customers have seen it. There are many ways to do something about this issue like apologize and give them a refund or discount code, tell them you will send another product, and many more. Each situation will be different, but none are more important than the other. It is of the most importance to address any concerns dealing with your manufacturing business.

8. They follow through and thank others 

A simple thank you and reply can go very far with customers. If someone compliments you via social media, make sure you compliment them back! This follow through will allow people to remember a simple gesture and could potentially make his or her day.

Do you have more tips on how manufacturers are using social media? Comment below!

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