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Danielle Ellerhorst

Danielle Ellerhorst
Danielle is a content editor at SyncShow where she focuses on content creation, editing and quality assurance. She enjoys running, reading and spending time with her dog, Ruby, who can usually be found at the SyncShow office on Ruby Tuesdays.
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Manufacturing Marketing: In House vs. Outsourced Content Creation

Posted by Danielle Ellerhorst on Tue, Jul 14, 2015 @ 10:00

You know the benefits of content marketing and you’re ready to implement it at your manufacturing company. But, you don’t have a dedicated Content Marketing team in place. So, how are you going to create the content? You have two options:

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How to Make the Most of LinkedIn for Manufacturing Marketing

Posted by Danielle Ellerhorst on Tue, May 26, 2015 @ 03:06

I mentioned in my last blog post that of the 100,000,000 registered LinkedIn members, 6,924 K are in the manufacturing industry. If you’re reading this, hopefully you’re a manufacturer that’s already on LinkedIn. If not, that statistic and the following information should be reason enough to have you opening your account today. Here’s how to make the most of LinkedIn for manufacturing marketing:

Company Page

We’ll start with the low hanging fruit – your LinkedIn company page. Think of it as your opportunity to provide valuable insight into your industry. Strive to create a page that is seen as a necessity for industry insiders to follow and stay up to date on changes and trends. 

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5 Social Media Mistakes Manufacturers Make

Posted by Danielle Ellerhorst on Thu, Apr 09, 2015 @ 09:07

1. Being Inactive on Social Media

Are you a manufacturer that has a website homepage with links to your social media outlets? Are you active on your social media channels? If you answered yes to the first question and no to the second, you could be devaluing your company. Think about this: A brand new prospect comes to your website to get more information on the products or services you offer. They notice you’re active on social media (or so they think), only to find that when they click on your Facebook page, you haven’t posted anything since the company holiday party 2 years ago! If you’re going to have social media channels, you need to consistently be posting relevant, valuable content for your prospects and customers. If your Facebook page was updated twice a week, imagine how much information that same prospect could have come across when they clicked on your company page. Not posting consistently is a lost opportunity to connect with prospects and customers, especially if your social media icons are on your homepage, where most visitors will come across them.

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Perks of Working at an Inbound Marketing Agency: Treadmill Desks

Posted by Danielle Ellerhorst on Tue, Feb 17, 2015 @ 09:00

If you’ve been to the SyncShow office, you’ve probably seen two things – our fish tank and our treadmill desk. Although we enjoy watching the fish, our treadmill desk is probably the team’s favorite work perk. Every time we use the treadmill, we log how many miles we walked. In 2014, the SyncShow team walked a total of 211.95 miles. That’s about 8 full marathons – not too bad.
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5 Interpersonal Communication Skills to Remember

Posted by Danielle Ellerhorst on Thu, Nov 20, 2014 @ 09:00

Last week, my co-worker Lauren and I attended Bruce Hendrick’s Building Trust Through Improved Interpersonal Communication Workshop in Wooster, Ohio. Prior to the class, I was apprehensive and not sure what to expect. Twenty minutes into the first session I was already feeling more comfortable due to Bruce’s calm and down-to-earth demeanor. This two-day workshop allowed me to step back from the day-to-day and take the time to analyze my communication skills while learning how to improve them at the same time. Below are 5 points that stuck with me when I left:

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6 Highlights from HubSpot’s #INBOUND14 Conference

Posted by Danielle Ellerhorst on Thu, Sep 25, 2014 @ 09:00

Last week, my co-worker Nikki Tofalo and I had the opportunity to attend HubSpot’s annual conference in Boston. While we both sat in on a variety of sessions about different topics, there were some ideas that stuck with me as I left the room. If you didn’t get to attend Inbound 2014, here is a peek into what I learned and hope to implement as a result of the conference (you can also check out our Facebook album with pictures from the week). If you did attend the conference, I’d love to hear what your favorite sessions were and what stuck with you in the comments below.

Great ideas exist between the obvious and the absurd. 

Jason Keath from Social Fresh spoke about the brainstorming process. If you’ve ever sat in a brainstorming session, you’ll know that obvious and absurd ideas are sometimes all that come to mind. Jason mentions that these are the ideas that are the most important to share, because the best ideas are ones that come in between these. So, although you may feel embarrassed for sharing something that may seem trivial, it can in fact be the groundwork necessary for the next great idea.

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Best Practices for Social Media Publishing

Posted by Danielle Ellerhorst on Thu, Sep 18, 2014 @ 08:30

There are many different ways that you can publish to a social media site. You may go directly to the site and publish straight from there or you may use a tool such as HootSuite or TweetDeck. Here at SyncShow, we use HubSpot, a marketing automation tool, to schedule and publish all of our social posts. Below, are some of the benefits of using HubSpot over another tool, plus general best practices for social media publishing.

Benefits of HubSpot Over Other Social Media Tools

With the social publishing tool, you can manage your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ social channels all in one place, allowing you to:

  • Socially promote your content on some or all of your social channels at different times throughout the day
  • Easily promote HubSpot-hosted content such as blog posts, landing pages and images
  • Track your social engagement to see how your posts performed
  • Have a one-stop shop for all of your digital assets – not only does HubSpot host your social media, but also your blog, email, contacts, and downloadable content 

Social Media Best Practices

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