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3 Elements of Inbound Marketing

Getting visitors to your company website is relatively easy; converting them into qualified leads
is another story. The overall purpose of your website should be to create qualified leads. This is the key to Inbound Marketing. Most people will not freely give up their contact information, so it is your duty to provide an even exchange. You need to give them something they want in order to get what you want.

Here are three key elements to any successful inbound marketing strategy:

Valuable Content

The cornerstone of your Inbound Marketing strategy should be excellent content. With Google’s Penguin and Panda updates, they are moving away from search engine optimization (SEO) and moving towards featuring fresh relevant content to feature in their search rankings. This means that you stand a better shot at ranking higher if you provide excellent content.

Keywords are still important, but only in the context of relevant content. By continually adding fresh content to your website, you will not only rank higher but you will also provide valuable information to your readers.

You can also provide a free e-book, white paper or report to your prospects in exchange for their contact information. As long as your readers view your offer as a valuable one, they will be willing to exchange their information for it.

Call To Action

How do you get the sale? Ask for it. It is surprising how many businesses spend time and money deploying an Inbound Marketing strategy but never ask for the sale.

You need a clear call to action in all of your marketing efforts. Do you want your reader to enter their email address? Click on a link? Register for a webinar? Whatever your call to action is, make sure it is clearly spelled out. Set it apart from the rest of the sales letter by putting it in a box or different colored text - anything to make it stand out.

Use only one call to action per marketing message. If you give your reader too many options they most likely will not do anything. Keep your call to action clear and simple and you will increase your conversion rate.

Landing Page 

Your landing page should be set up to do one thing and one thing only: gather your prospect's contact information. Since this is the key, you want to make sure that your landing page is free from any external links or other navigational menus.

This is not a place to have a link to your “About Us” page or anything else. Keep your visitor focused on the tasks you want them to complete, presumably to get the premium content you offered them in the first place.

By adding these three elements to your Inbound Marketing efforts, you will not only increase your conversion rate, but you will also increase your bottom line.


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