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Integrating CRM & Marketing Automation for More & Better Leads

Today, Syncshow is featuring a second guest post in a series on CRM from one of our partners, InfoGrow. Bob Sullivan offers great insight on how having a CRM system will make your team more effective and more profitable. As a company that runs results-focused lead generation campaigns, we could not agree more. Thanks again for sharing the insight, Bob.

The integration of CRM technologies not only leads to a clearer flow of activities, but also allows for easier tracking of efforts and interactions.

In our 25 years in this space, we have often seen how companies struggle to integrate their technology tools, not to mention aligning their sales and marketing people and processes. The need to get sales and marketing on the same page in targeting the same prospects and closing the lead tracking loop remains a problem for many organizations. But, it can be solved.

It is well known that when CRM and Marketing Automation are joined, a company can significantly increase their amount and quality of leads. There are countless accounts of companies gaining an impressive amount of leads after redesigning their CRM and Marketing Automation systems.

However, the secret to success is how the technologies are implemented and managed. My belief is that the sales team doesn’t have the capacity to be responsible for CRM. Marketing should take the lead, and with tools like Marketing Automation, they have no excuse for not being held responsible for lead generation, lead tracking and customer retention. Marketing Automation is a tool for measuring the effectiveness of marketing and CRM is the tool for measuring the effectiveness of sales. This way, there is no longer place for either sales or marketing to hide. And there is no reason not measure the sales and marketing side of the business as one would operations.

The benefits that companies should expect with integrated CRM and Marketing Automation include:

  • Gaining a competitive advantage
  • Increasing lead generation and quality
  • Making better decisions faster

If you are struggling with your CRM and Marketing Automation systems, call us at 800-897-9807 for help. If you are just considering how to implement these tools for your company, feel free to reach out to us with your questions.

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