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Don’t Forget These 3 Stakeholders When Going Digital

 Diving into a digital campaign is a huge undertaking for any marketing team. Not only does the campaign need to be focused and strategic in order to drive the results needed to prove return on investment, but team members also have to be ready to take on the tactical to-do’s that come along with creating and monitoring content across the web. 

While the to-do list will always grow and great effort is needed to see success, your company’s marketing team shouldn’t be the only department that is contributing to the success of the campaign. After all, if the campaign proves to be successful, the benefits will be seen company-wide, not just within the marketing department. 

Below are 3 other departments that your marketing team should consider as stakeholders in going digital: 

The HR Department

Your digital marketing campaign should extend past just focusing on the penetration of new customers and current customers. Enable your HR Department to draft content on culture and what it’s like to work at your organization. Introduce customers to the actual employees that provide them with the products and services you sell. After all, people want to do business with other people. In the end, it will help your overall brand recognition and sales.

Bonus tip: Use your digital marketing and marketing automation tools to recruit and help hire new employees. Sharing job postings and enticing prospective employees through culture-focused content will give you a leg up over your competitors. 

The Sales Team

While brand awareness is a great benchmark of the success of your digital marketing initiatives, sales success is really where the rubber meets the road for digital marketing. As mentioned above, a successful digital marketing campaign can be tied back to ROI. In order for that to truly work, you will need buy-in from your sales team; as they’ll be the team members following up on the leads that your digital campaign generates. Since they will be the ones to see first hand the value of the campaign’s results, get their commitment from the get-go and have them start contributing content. For them, content = commissions. 

Customer Service 

We all know that today’s digital world allows customers to complain, praise, and ask for help at the drop of a dime. By actively involving your customer service team in your digital strategy, you can arm them with the support and tools they need to proactively engage your best customers and keep customer service issues at bay by responding to those that need assistance. A great example of a team using digital marketing with a customer service focus is Nordstrom. Their Twitter team replies in real time to needs, praise, and questions that customers Tweet about every step of the way. 

The big takeaway here is to remember that while the Marketing team should drive the strategy and handle most of the heavy lifting in a digital campaign, they shouldn’t be the only one. Recruit your coworkers to help you reach the end goal for the company. This integrated approach will be more successful and less stressful for everyone in the long run. 

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