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How to Generate More Sales from a Small Group of Buyers

I frequently hear this from manufacturing executives when discussing their challenges: “I don't need leads, we are a niche manufacturer and we know all of our potential buyers. My problem is that I need help closing more sales with this finite group of buyers.” Successfully penetrating a small group of buyers that have close relationships with your competitors can be a challenge. However, there is a simple way to leverage this problem that doesn't involve slashing prices. Manufacturers are now using lead management & sales intelligence strategies to convert these known buyers into clients.

Lead Management allows you to develop an ongoing dialogue with your buyers that keeps your company visible and viable. This dialogue is mostly comprised of tailored emails that are specifically designed to talk to your buyer’s pain points. Your buyer will be able to learn more about your company and products through customized content (blog posts, white papers & case studies). This content will position your company as the thought leader in the industry.

Sales Intelligence allows your sales team to gain invaluable information about your buyer’s behavior. Your sales rep is able to see when, how often and what your buyer is viewing on your website. If a buyer continues to engage in content related to a certain subject matter, your sales team will be able to leverage that knowledge and develop strategies that position your company as the solution to the buyer’s problems.

Two programs that are worth investing in if you want to optimize lead management and sales intelligence are a marketing automation platform and a customer relationship management (CRM) system. For more information about these programs, explore some of our other blog content:

Knowing all of buyers in the market can be big advantage if your company can successfully leverage the opportunities. SyncShow can help you develop lead management and sales intelligence strategies in order to convert these buyers into clients.

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