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SyncShow Inbound Marketing Internship Recap

Throughout December 2014 and January 2015, we were excited to welcome our first inbound marketing Interns to SyncShow. Below, each Intern shares a recap of their time at SyncShow. Over the next few weeks, we’ll also be posting blog posts from each of them, so stay tuned! 

Megan Ramey, Miami University


What an experience it has been! Within my 6 weeks here at SyncShow, I have learned how to write social messages, how to schedule them through numerous outlets, how to use Google Analytics, and so much more. My time here has been everything I could hope for in an internship. I have learned more in my 6 weeks than I have in a semester in college.

I was able to use my past experience in wedding planning to help brainstorm clever and enticing social posts for Perfect Wedding Guide. I was also able to learn how to use new skills and apply them to even a subject I knew nothing about like accounting and auditing at Meaden & Moore or injection molding at Ferriot. I was fortunate to join in on a meeting at COSE (my very first meeting ever). I thrived in such a creative environment, being challenged daily by new and exciting tasks. I am forever grateful for this experience at SyncShow, expanding my knowledge and allowing me to grow as a young professional with such incredible colleagues.

Mikayla Zernic, Ohio University


My studies have mainly been focused on verbal and visual communication. Although I have recently added marketing to my skill set, SyncShow has taught me more than any class ever could. From meeting one-on-one with clients to learning new software applications, being a member of SyncShow’s inbound marketing team truly proved to be a beneficial experience.

Whether I was producing customer testimonial videos in iMovie for Arisdyne or writing blog posts on home décor for InHouz, everyone at SyncShow was willing to provide feedback and suggestions. I loved being welcomed into SyncShow’s friendly and productive culture where the team is always eager to help each other. Although I had plenty of guidance, I found navigating the new software applications the most challenging. Attributing the level of difficulty to my lack of experience, I will only grow more comfortable with time.

In the future, I will definitely refer back to what I learned during my opportunity at SyncShow. This invaluable internship led me to grow within my field of studies through firsthand experience while expanding my network with knowledgeable and skilled professionals.

Kasey Woomer, Miami University


Before starting my weeklong journey as an intern at SyncShow, I thought I knew all about advertising and how agencies worked. I have spent the last two summers at a larger outbound advertising agency, where I thought I learned all the tricks and terms of the marketing biz. As I started my work here at SyncShow, I realized I couldn’t have been further from the truth. Comparing a small, inbound agency that focuses on customer sales and leads to an outbound agency that has a large focus on radio/TV is like comparing apples to oranges.

Although I was in unfamiliar territory, I enjoyed the ride of learning the new ins and outs of this type of agency. At SyncShow I was able to really see how a small company operates by seeing budgets, counting my time on projects closely and watching my coworkers do a variety of different jobs for their clients.

I really enjoyed the supportive and positive atmosphere of SyncShow where all wins are celebrated and the employees are friends. The bright lighting, open space and energizing music played in the office foster a creative space where I felt comfortable to be myself. Most of all, I think I really learned what it means to be dedicated to your work. The employees at SyncShow are constantly working to help their clients and generate success for them every day. Working at SyncShow and experiencing this new marketing environment has really inspired me and I am so happy to have had this experience as I continue to formulate my career options for the future.

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