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Why You Need to Simplify Your Marketing Message

In today’s digital landscape, web users are constantly flooded with “noise.” This noise comes in different variations—emails, messages, notifications, ads and more. With so much noise, it can be incredibly challenging for brands and businesses to make their messages heard. And when you finally break through the noise and get your potential customer’s attention, are you being understood?

How can you break through the noise and make sure users understand your marketing message? Simplify!

Creating a simple, strong, easy-to-understand-and-consume marketing message is the answer to the digital white noise syndrome. Imagine you are a potential prospect landing on your company’s homepage for the first time. Within the first three to five seconds, can you understand what it is your company does and why your company is the best option for your service offering? If not, it’s time to rethink your marketing message.

So what makes a “simple, strong, easy-to-understand-and-consume” marketing message? Think of the three C’s: clear, concise and consistent.

Make Your Marketing Message Clear

A simplified marketing message starts with making sure the message you are conveying is easy to understand. The more brain power an individual has to use just to understand what it is your business offers and why your business is the best option, the more likely you are to lose them. On the other hand, the more clear your marketing message is, the more likely a prospect is to think of your business when it comes time to make a decision or present options to the decision-maker.

This means staying away from the overly-clever, gimmicky marketing language. Instead, use language that is honest and genuine. Doing so will not only make your message more easily understood, but it will help establish trust and authority in your industry.

Ensure Your Marketing Message Is Concise

With all of the digital white noise users are exposed to on a daily, hourly and even minutely basis, the window of opportunity to be heard is short. This is why it’s incredibly important to make sure your marketing message is direct and to the point. Think of the first words and visuals a user sees when they land on your website. In as few words as possible, this message should clearly state what value you’re providing.

Keep Your Marketing Message Consistent

Keeping your marketing message simple doesn’t have to mean using fewer channels or platforms to reach your audience. In fact, we encourage you to use a variety of channels! What is important is that as a user interacts with your brand, they should feel a sense of consistency and unity amongst your messaging. Whether they are browsing your blog, exploring your service offerings or reading your monthly newsletter, they should be consumed by a consistent story. Telling a consistent story and message, both from your brand’s channels and from your employees' personal channels, will help reinforce the authority you have as an industry leader.

Simplify to What Really Matters

In order to craft a simplified marketing message, you’ll first have to identify what it is you want to communicate, or what story you want to tell. It’s easy to think of a laundry list of different services and features and “shiny objects” that you want to tell the world about, but it’s important to only communicate the essentials. Once you’ve identified these essential components, stick with it. Simplifying your marketing message will help you stand out amongst the digital white noise and elevate your brand above your competitors.


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