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Driving Growth Through Inbound Marketing

Our Client 

Conveyer & Caster – Equipment for Industry is a third-generation, family-owned, solution-driven material handling distributor based in Northeast Ohio. Founded in 1961, they have a clear and simple mission—providing storage and handling solutions that improve material flow for their customers. Since their founding, Conveyer & Caster has grown to nearly 50 employees, including 17 outside salespeople.

SyncShow first met Conveyer & Caster when the leaders of the organization were preparing for continued growth after acquiring other companies and expanding their product base. They wanted to create a 3-5 year strategic plan that incorporated digital marketing to communicate effectively with their expanding customer base.

Their Challenges

Over the years, Conveyer & Caster has experienced a lot of change and growth. They needed a marketing plan that would help support their continued growth and strategic goals. They also needed a marketing partner to help them get there.

Conveyer & Caster’s primary goals included:

1. Taking more market share directly, instead of relying solely on vendor-generated leads.

Conveyer & Caster’s previous strategy relied heavily on vendor-generated leads. While this provided new opportunities for their business, they recognized that it restricted their growth potential. They needed to generate their own leads so they could better control the process.

2. Improving brand awareness and customer communications through streamlined messaging.

Conveyer & Caster grew both organically and by acquisition. The acquisitions added products and solutions to their offering. Unfortunately, this created a fractured brand identity. Their customers knew them for what they sold them, not what they could do. Conveyer & Caster believed that a cohesive brand identity could improve cross-selling and customer retention.

3. Positioning Conveyer & Caster for expanded territory growth.

Conveyer & Caster uses traditional territory-based relationship sales. Their growth goals included territory expansion. They wanted to develop strategies to create conversations with new market customers that would then lead to new market sales.

4. Generating more, higher quality leads.

Conveyer & Caster received roughly one lead per week through their website. Based on the high volume of vendor-generated leads they received, they knew there was significant room to grow. When asked by our team, “What is success for you?” their leadership answered that they wanted to see more qualified leads through their website. Beyond that, they also wanted a better understanding of who was visiting their site and what led them there.

Our Solution

The first step in helping Conveyer & Caster achieve their goals was to set a full day aside for an in-person strategy session. During this session, our team learned about Conveyer & Caster’s current sales and marketing environment, got to know who their best customers were and began strategizing with their sales team. Data about their existing customers were analyzed to create three main buyer personas who became the foundation for their new content strategy.

As a HubSpot Platinum Partner, our team is familiar with how the dynamic content management system can truly move the needle for companies engaging in inbound marketing. Conveyer & Caster wanted to accomplish a lot. To do that, they purchased HubSpot Professional.

Conveyer & Caster now had the tools to communicate with their prospects. With the use of HubSpot landing pages and calls-to-action, we were able to capture data about who was on their site and what types of content were important to them. Now that we had insight into what content was performing well, we were able to generate more relevant content for their prospects as well as repurpose and improve content from previous efforts.

Once the lead lists grew (and did they grow fast!), we implemented marketing qualified and sales qualified lead nurturing campaigns to stay top of mind with prospects.


Since engaging in inbound and developing strategic content initiatives that include a monthly newsletter, organic social posting and ongoing search engine optimization, Conveyer & Caster is not only hitting their marketing goals, but they’re beating them significantly.

We’re proud of the results from the first two years of Conveyer & Caster’s inbound program. Beyond that, we’ll let them speak for themselves:

  • Sessions increased by 27% year-over-year (YOY)
  • Conversion rate increased by 23% YOY
  • Total leads increased by 56% YOY
  • Marketing qualified leads increased by 313% YOY
  • Sales qualified leads increased by 77% YOY


Implementing an inbound marketing strategy has made a tremendous impact on Conveyer & Caster’s sales. The company continues to build brand awareness and engagement with both prospective and existing customers. While content creation and effective distribution strategies are the backbone of the successes thus far, company-wide buy-in has also played a large role. The entire Conveyer & Caster team contributes to the digital marketing efforts and knows how important the program is to achieving the organization’s overall goals.

SyncShow is proud to be a partner in this endeavor. We look forward to continuing to push the boundaries for Conveyer & Caster’s inbound sales and marketing efforts in the years to come.

“SyncShow has helped us immensely. We knew there was value in marketing, but we had unsuccessful results in the past. The team at SyncShow guided us through a process of discovery that seemed to reveal our strategy. I can remember walking out of some meetings thinking, “We should have already known this!” Our partnership with SyncShow has changed the way we think about how we go to market and how we communicate with our prospects and customers. These two things are fundamental to our business—to any business. SyncShow’s partnership with HubSpot is quite important to us. We discovered how important it was after they asked me to attend Inbound with them in 2017. I was excited about going but I was not sure what specific value I would get out of it. I learned so much about marketing, content generation, empathetic communication and much more. Since then, our partnership has grown much deeper. SyncShow’s impact on our organization has earned them the trust they have.” - Brian Harrington, IT & Marketing Manager, Conveyer & Caster

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