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Synchronized Inbound Marketing: Getting Employee Buy-In

Buyers are changing the way they buy. To attract today’s buyer, you need to change how you market.

Organizational structure change is good, and in today’s B2B environment, sales and marketing need to work as one revenue team. 

Synchronized inbound marketing aligns your organization’s growth strategy with marketing and sales and enables these departments to work together to guide prospects through their journey to becoming new customers. 

An effective synchronized inbound marketing strategy focuses on creating relevant digital content that builds trust, educates and solves potential buyers’ needs—bringing you the B2B buyers you want when they’re ready.

Companies that embrace this methodology are succeeding at the highest level and outperforming their competitors. Waiting to invest in your digital assets (i.e., website, social media, paid media) can cause your company to lose important opportunities to build brand value, attract talent, create and nurture long-term client relationships and gather important information about your website visitors. 

But how do you get employee buy-in when no one at your company believes in or sees the value of marketing?

In this blog, we’ll discuss:

  • Why getting employee buy-in is important and how it can help your business
  • How you can get other teams in your company on board
  • Next steps once they’re on board

Why Getting Employee Buy-In Is Worth Your Time

Many executives and decision-makers look at marketing as an expense rather than an investment. As a result, they opt to cut their marketing budgets before realizing that marketing and sales go hand in hand. In order to attract new customers and expand upon existing relationships, your company needs to align both sales and marketing. After all, how can you expect to increase sales if your marketing and sales are not aligned? 

Forrester Research cites B2B organizations with tightly aligned sales and marketing operations achieved 24% faster three-year revenue growth and 27% faster three-year profit growth.

How to Gain Employee Buy-In and Commitment 

Employee buy-in is the first step to carrying out any organizational structure change. Here are some ways to get your company on board with synchronized inbound marketing:


Good communication is the cornerstone of successful B2B sales and marketing alignment. How you communicate the organizational structure change can make or break employee buy-in.

Make sure you have a compelling and persuasive message, or “pitch,” that answers the questions employees are likely to have about:

  • The reasons for the change
  • How it impacts the business
  • The goals and objectives the change is designed to meet

If employees are aware of the exact need for the change, they will be more likely to go along with it.

Leverage Feedback

Getting employee buy-in takes time, but it’s much easier to gain when employees are engaged and involved. It’s important for employees to know that their feedback is not only encouraged, but acknowledged when voiced. Whether it’s marketing, sales or something else, employee input is key in helping any organizational structure change take place. Ensuring employees can provide their feedback is essential in earning their trust and support. 

Show the Potential of Digital Marketing 

Don’t expect every member of your organization to fully understand the value of digital marketing. This is your chance to show that digital marketing helps drive qualified leads to your sales team and generates revenue for the business.  When convincing your company, explain how investing time and money in digital marketing can grow your company’s brand, build meaningful customer relationships, stay ahead of the competition and ultimately increase your ROI on marketing initiatives.

Next Steps Once They’re On Board

Now that you’ve got employee buy-in at your company, it’s time to put your efforts into action. At SyncShow, we’re here to support your sales and marketing alignment needs. As a HubSpot Platinum Partner, we are equipped with the latest marketing methodologies that will help you target the right buyers with the right marketing campaigns at the right time—greatly improving the number and quality of leads your sales team receives.

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